Tuesday, August 27, 2013

VW Beetle 1975. 1200 restoration and tuning by ErnaShu

I bought this beauty in a terrible state. By hat I mean she had not bumpers, the interior was in a terrible state, the engine needed a lot of work and service, we had to fix everything from installation to service the engine. My desire was to try to work on the cars and finally I achieved it with this cutie from 1975th. Front and rear bumpers are done by my sketch and they are hand-work of masters from Velika Kladusa, Agica and Izo. The interior is of course ErnaShu custom made :). I did new insulation in the floor, also floor and carpets are custom-made by me and leather car seats. Car ceiling I did in flames combining 3 types of colors and leather and that was to hard to make but it looks amazing. After all that hard work (handmade work) I have the most beautiful oldtimer and I had pain in my arms fon 2 weeks, but no pain no gain ;).

Starting with the floor!
Front bumpers.
Back bumpers.
My beauty with new bumpers!
Back bumper.
The only photo where you can see me working and handsewing around steering wheel. That was painfull!
Several painfull hours later.
Now this is what it looks like when woman starts making handmade car seats ;)
My beauty, and yes I love skulls :)
On the doors I have changed the old plastic window handle with this chrome handle. Everything else on the doors I had upholster with leather.
As you can see the front seats are old Recaro seats and I think that they look great, the back seat is original from this beetle.
Fron Recaro seats. I did them with this lines because I wanted to have that real oldtimer look car seats like in American cars.
Here you can see the flames from leather and it was very hard to take photo of them since the interior space is very small and flames are over the entire ceiling.
Back seat!
On the engine I have changed almost everything with new parts.
My beauty!
My beauty!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New shoes!

So, this project I did just for me, since I wanted a little different Lita look alike shoes and everybody these days have them in black, and with spikes and so on, for that reason I made this pair just for me ;) Under this blue denim layer is leather and with technique similar to decoupage I used this thin denim look like material and in small pieces applied it on the leather. Blue is the new black ;)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sneak peek of new collection...baby shoes!

As always...I wanted to do something different and that is why I decided to do a samples of baby shoes. I made them using leather and wool. This is a sneak peek ;)

Monday, March 25, 2013

How to make a coffee table!

I did my balcony and I could not find any suitable table, so I decided to make one. And this is how it goes;). It is very simple, and anyone can do it, everything that you need is some rope, old car tire, a hot glue gun and a piece of a wooden plank in the size like the tire (just cut the plank in the size like the tire , place it on the tire and glue it). After that, begin from the middle of a tire with the rope, first glue the rope on one spot in the middle and just go around and around and that is it. In this sample I made ​​this table with wooden legs, you can buy the legs in your furniture store. Enjoy ;)